Mediversity is a Healthcare Clinic located in South Jersey and loved by it’s patients.

Our doctors have many years of experience in medicine and they are willing to share that expertise with the students and provide them the tools and the information that they need to perform well in Step 2 CS.

Dr. Ahsan Abdulghani, M.D. – Trained both overseas and in the states, doctor Abdulghani acquired excellent clinical skills in over a decade of US clinical experience, with special focus in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Dr. Saira Ahmed, M.D. – Graduated from Ross University Medical School and completed a Residency in Internal Medicine in 2008. She was a Fellow in Sleep Medicine at Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences in 2009. She has special interests in hospital medicine and abnormal breathing of patients during sleep.

We also have in our staff medical graduates that provide us the most recent information regarding the exam standards.