Course Options

Course Options

In order to provide the most comprehensive experience for the examinees we offer different course options.

Two Days Theory and Practice Course
One Day Theory Course
One Day Practice Course

One Day Theory Course

For someone that wants to learn only about the theoretical aspects of the exam, we do have a One Day lecture where we discuss the exam structure and the most important aspects of the exam, including:

  • The structure of the exam.
  • What is expected from the examinees and what is evaluated by the patients and in the notes.
  • History taking techniques.
  • Focused physical exam techniques.
  • Case examples and discussions.

One Day Practical Course

Some candidates might be already very confident about their knowledge concerning the exam structure and may just wish to practice. In this one day practical course we recreate the scenario of the Step 2 CS exam, that basically involves:docpatient

  • A facility with the proper exam rooms and equipment.
  • 12 cases/standardized patient encounters of 15 minutes each.
  • 10 minutes on the computer to write notes.
  • Feedback about your performance and a score report (provided after some days).

Two Days Theory + Practice Course

The best deal for the student that wants to exceed in the exam performance. This two-day program includes both the theory and the practical course, providing one day of theory studying and one day of practice. Each of these days are described above.